Premium Membership

With Premium Membership is a monthly subscription plan where you'll get access to use features such as


Get in touch with other humans nearby for a flirt or why not find a new friend to go out dog walking.

Swiping in human mode, gives you the chance to connect with other people that searches for a new Friend, Partner or someone to just Dog Walk with.

Swiping in dog mode, gives you the chance to connect with other dogs and their Dog owner where the dog searches for a new furry Friend, Nanny, Bonus father or Bonus mother. Or why not find your dog another partner?


Be able to text and communicate with users around your city. Keep contact with your connections after finding them on other Events or Swipe. 


As a Premium member, you'll get access to all Events with an advantageous discount to use for yourself. The events are hosted by Eveline Martinsson most often around with Stockholm, where you'll get the chance to meet other dog lovers and meet other dogs and humans together.


The App subscriptions are handled by Play Store (Android) and App Store (Apple). Just sign up and enjoy all the benefits!